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        Barbara Bogartz: Individual, Pre-Marital, &          Marriage Counseling in Roswell, Georgia

Test Your Marriage IQ - Question 5

You have good communication in your marriage if you tell your mate clearly and directly what you are thinking and feeling.

TRUE - (Sort of) It is true that being able to tell your mate clearly and directly what you are thinking and feeling is an important element of good communication. But, it is not the only one. The very important missing piece is listening to your partner in a way that makes him or her feel truly heard and understood. In order for this to happen, you must be willing to withhold judgment, criticism, advice or solutions, and be really focused on your mate's words and body language. This is not an easy skill for some, but it is one that can be learned by anyone who is willing to take the time to learn and practice. And, with practice, it can become second nature. Let's face it, if you are saying one thing and your partner is hearing something else or thinking about something else, communication is going to suffer. Communication is always a two-way street. Learning how to send messages effectively and, just as important, to receive the correct message are skills that, if acquired and used, can contribute significantly to the overall happiness and satisfaction in your marriage.


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