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        Barbara Bogartz: Individual, Pre-Marital, &          Marriage Counseling in Roswell, Georgia

Test Your Marriage IQ - Question 1

Couples who are very different from one another are more likely to divorce than more similar couples.

FALSE - Having similar values can be a definite plus in keeping a marriage on course. However, differences in temperament, personality, likes and dislikes, opinions, interests, etc. can be enhancing and stimulating in a marriage - depending on how the differences are handled. Very often, we are attracted to and marry people who are different than we are, but after living with the differences on a day-to-day basis, these traits we once found so endearing can become downright irritating. So, what do many of us do? We either start to criticize our mates, feeling they are wrong because they are different from us, or, we try everything we can think of to change them so that they will be more like us. Both of these strategies predict unhappiness, resentment and loss of closeness. It is important to remember that different is not wrong or bad. Instead, couples need to leam to accept and appreciate their differences and use them as a source of strength for their relationship. Honest communication and skillful negotiation will go a long way in helping you to make your couple differences work for you instead of spelling doom for your marriage.


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