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        Barbara Bogartz: Individual, Pre-Marital, &          Marriage Counseling in Roswell, Georgia

Test Your Marriage IQ - Question 4

The subject that causes the MOST conflict between mates is SEX.

FALSE - Although sex is a frequent subject of conflict for many couples, the number one topic of marital conflict is MONEY! Because so many factors so into forming our attitudes and feelings about money and financial concerns, and also because money frequently represents power, control, security, personal value, etc., it isn't difficult to see that when any two people join their lives together, they will probably have differences in this area. People, no matter how close, frequently want very different things and pull in different directions. However, developing an attitude that supports each partners' differences, that acknow­ledges that it's okay to want different things, that each partners; opinions and wants are equally valid and knowing that conflict must be solved together as part­ners, can lead to win-win situations most of the time.


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