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        Barbara Bogartz: Individual, Pre-Marital, &          Marriage Counseling in Roswell, Georgia

Test Your Marriage IQ - Question 3

If the romance has gone out of your marriage, you're headed for divorce.

FALSE - If this were true, there would probably be even more divorces than there already are! It is very difficult to sustain the excitement and romance of the courting and early stages of a relationship once you are sharing your life and home with another person on a daily, real-life basis. The list of things that can squeeze the romance out of your marriage, from dealing with stress, to sometimes seeing each other at your worst, to raising children and dealing with financial and time constraints, can go on and on. Most couples admit that they have to work harder and more consciously at keeping the romance in their relationships alive after several years of marriage. However, the effort is definitely worth the rewards. Also, valuing the commitment and often deeper, more realistic kind of love and caring that develop over time, are vitally important.


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