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        Barbara Bogartz: Individual, Pre-Marital, &          Marriage Counseling in Roswell, Georgia

Test Your Marriage IQ - Question 2

Finding the right partner is the most important factor in marital happiness.

FALSE - Although there are many factors that go into making marriages happy and successful, most experts would not include finding Mr. or Mrs. PERFECTLY RIGHT on their top ten list of most important factors. Truth be told, being the right person is a whole lot more important. By this, we mean being a person who is mature, who has compassion and empathy for others, who knows how to meet many of his or her own needs and is willing to help meet some needs of their significant other (for intimacy, trust, closeness, etc.) Also, knowing how to communicate effectively and working together to solve problems are factors that go a long way towards increasing the satisfaction and happiness in marriage. Although we don't deny that some mates are more suitable for any given person than others, we also know that searching for that absolutely perfect, heaven-sent one-and-only person causes many people to overlook or reject perfectly acceptable partners who might come along.


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